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I determined to take the bottles downstairs correct then and there, at the same time the apartment was asleep, so i would not have to fear about it the morning, exceptionally because I wasn’t sure when (and in what ) Cara might awaken. I gently opened the upstairs door and, just about with out respiration, I slowly and quietly commenced my descent, one stair at a time. Halfway down, where the staircase grew to become closer to the dwelling room, I iced up. It was the sound that first caught my awareness; had it come from me? Then I saw them. The unmistakable face of Mrs. H. On the sofa underneath the unmistakable melon colored polo shirt now pushed as much as the shoulders of my Uncle Joe. The same broad tan shoulders that carried me on one too many long hikes with my outdoorsy loved ones. Those iconic shoulders that will from now until ceaselessly be tainted with the imaginative and prescient of Mrs. H.’s shiny crimson nails digging into them.

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